Community of Hope

Our baptismal covenant calls us to seek and serve Christ in all persons, to love our neighbors as ourselves…to respect the dignity of every human being. We acknowledge that there exists in each person a unique expression how this covenant is brought to life, within the church and the larger community. At St. Alban’s a generous space is created for any member, led by the Holy Spirit, to use their talents for the uplifting, healing, welcoming and supporting of the church and community. We are empowered to serve through education, mentoring, discernment and guidance of our rector, leadership team and the COHI community. Many of our members are deeply involved in the life and growth of the parish but are also active in leading or serving in commercial, professional, civic, cultural, educational, and social service agencies

The focus of the St. Alban’s chapter of Community of Hope is the training and supporting of lay pastoral ministers. Training for pastoral care helps develop listening skills, an understanding of pastoral theology, confidentiality requirements, as well as an awareness of individuals gifts and talents. Members provide communion, lead worship in senior centers, volunteer in service to the homeless and homebound, sit with those who are grieving and those in places of loss or uncertainty. They become ministry leaders; inviting, including and encouraging others. COH operates under the direction of our rector in support in the pastoral needs of our community.